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Echelon Services 

  • Marine  Structure / Bridge  Inspection

  • Underwater  Facility  Inspection

  • Topside  Facility  Inspection

  • Structural  Condition  Assessment

  • Construction  Inspection

  • Bottom  Surveys


About Echelon Engineering


Echelon Engineering, Inc. (Echelon) is a Civil/Marine consulting engineering firm specializing in the structural condition assessment of marine facilities and bridges.  The cumulative knowledge of our staff covers well over 100 years of experience with underwater inspection projects, including structural assessment, repair, preventative maintenance, and new design as well as construction inspection services.  Echelon, based in Lynnwood, Washington, is a certified WBE firm in Washington State, as well as a federally certified DBE firm.  Since 1989 we have conducted substructure and superstructure inspections at facilities throughout the United States and Canada for various governmental agencies, including local, state and federal, as well as providing consulting services to the private sector.

The Echelon Engineering team is comprised of highly skilled, self-motivated professionals and support personnel who are uniquely qualified to preform underwater inspection and assessment projects.  All of our team members have played key roles on underwater inspection projects.  Our inspection projects are lead and supervised by Professional-Engineer Divers experienced in underwater facility inspection.  Our staff also includes knowledgeable professional divers trained in underwater inspection techniques and procedures, including NBIS, OSHA, WISHA, US NAVY and ASCE inspection guidelines.  We possess the qualifications, training and experience to safely and competently perform all the services required to conduct and complete detailed underwater inspections and structural condition assessments of bridges and marine facilities.

Echelon was established to develop a company that is highly qualified in the area of marine facility and bridge inspection and assessment, with the capability to provide the degree of excellence required by today’s demanding market and conditions.  We have been involved in virtually all aspects of marine structure development and maintenance, including initial facility inspection, maintenance and new facility design, development of bid documents, PCAS (Post Construction Award Services), and Title II Construction Inspection services.  Through the hundreds of inspection projects we have carried out, we possess the analytical and technical expertise and experience to provide for accurate and meaningful assessment and analysis of structures in the marine environment.


Marine  Services

Structural  Condition  Assessment

- Piers  and  Bulkheads

- Dams  and  Overflows

- Outfalls  and  Pipelines

Feasibility  Studies

Facility  Maintenance  Design  and  Planning

Non-Destructive  Testing

Construction  Inspection

-   QA/QC  Inspection



Transportation  Infrastructure

Underwater  Bridge  Inspection

- NBIS/FHWA  Investigations

- Interim  Inspections

- In-depth  Inspections

- Damage  Inspections

Ferry Terminal Inspection

Scour  Investigation

Deep  Water  Investigation/ROV